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Mental health is how you think, feel, and act as you learn to cope with the challenges life throws in your path. Everyone feels worried, anxious, sad or stressed sometimes. These feelings can make it hard to meet and keep friends, hold a job or enjoy your life.

Our staff at Four Feathers Counseling can assist you to determine how successful you are at handling stress, relating to others, and making healthy choices. Like physical health, mental health is important to address how you live out your life and go through life’s stages.

At Four Feathers Counseling, we have over 40 years collectively of experience assisting individuals within our community foster and improve mental health. Tailored to all clients, we offer a affordable sliding scale for fees and services, as well as accept Tricare, Medicaid, and most insurances. Because your schedule can get crazy, we provide day, evening, and weekend hours.

Four Feathers Counseling provides comprehensive mental health and wellness services in El Paso and Teller Counties in Colorado. Some of the specific services we provide are:

We promote a collaborative team approach to meet your needs. At a minimum we participate weekly consultations and individual case consultations, that include licensed professional counselors to identify measurable therapeutic goals, effectiveness of therapeutic interventions, session frequency and overall length and quality of service. In addition to measuring treatment effectiveness of current cases, Four Feathers Counseling conducts three, six and twelve month follow up evaluations that continue to measure the effectiveness of FFC's interventions. Based on these results FFC then makes treatment intervention adjustments geared toward increasing reduction in recidivism and successful community integration.