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Hard Times Assisted in getting the family back on track.

Making an Impact

Four Feathers Counseling therapist Cassaundra Hein shares her thoughts with handling the pandemic with KOAA Channel 5 News.

What is Big Kahuna up to?

Jan 29-31, 2021 Big Kahuna and other Four Feathers staff went to the Cheyenne River Sioux (Lakota Nation) Tribes reservation located on the Cheyenne River in Eagle Butte, South Dakota to assist the Native American Ministry of Eastside Church of Christ (Steve and Deb Smith) on a mission to deliver supplies and donations. The reservation includes some of the poorest poverty-stricken counties per capita in the United States.

After gathering supplies that included a stove, a refrigerator, several couches, beds, house-hold furnishings, clothes, toys, personal hygiene items, and food we set out on our journey. On this 600 plus mile road trip in a convoy of U-Haul trucks and trailers off we went to this isolated area. Following the Covid-19 restrictions, we made it through the gates and to a humble house (with only cold water) that served as a community center. Our only furnishings were chairs and a make-shift table. Good thing we had cots!

Saturday was the big day we unload boxes and more boxes. A large number of the community gathered bring food and sandwiches to show their love and appreciation. We visited four communities on Saturday, unloading much need supplies, staples and sharing in the joy of others. It was an honor to part of this event! Four Feathers looks forward to making this an annual adventure.

South Dakota